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a vtc, also known as a Virtual Trucking Company is the clan variant of your favorite FPS and MMO games, built slightly different.


New VTC's are born every day, we we're once one. They are a simple and exciting way to add additional realism to the already stunning gameplay that is American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Depending on what VTC you join, you'll build long lasting friendships, find like minded individuals and join in on company hosted events like convoys and truck shows. Best part, you'll become a part of the #bestcommunityever!

Poke around a bit and you'll discover what sets Pegasus Logistics (Group) Virtual Trucking Company apart from the rest...

our enrollment program


easy enrollment

Get started right here, right now!

Complete your enrollment by completing our application, applying on TruckyApp and on TruckersMP using the links below! Don't forget to join us on Discord when you're all done!

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